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  • 1760


    Establishment of Warrenpoint as a village, primarily developing around its port and trade activities.

  • 1774

    Ferry Service

    The first recorded ferry service started between Warrenpoint and Omeath, facilitating trade and movement.

  • 1812

    St. Peter's Church

    Construction of St. Peter’s Church, marking a significant development in the town’s religious infrastructure.

  • 1824

    Warrenpoint Harbour

    Opening of Warrenpoint Harbour, boosting the town’s economy and trade.

  • 1841

    Railway Line

    Completion of the Newry-Warrenpoint railway line, enhancing connectivity and contributing to the town’s growth.

  • 1850

    Tourist Destination

    Warrenpoint becomes a popular Victorian seaside resort, attracting tourists from across Ireland.

  • 1870

    Warrenpoint Town Hall

    The Warrenpoint Town Hall was built, becoming a central point for community gatherings and events.

  • 1875

    Warrenpoint Baths

    Establishment of the Warrenpoint Baths, promoting the town as a health and leisure destination.

  • 1875

    Warrenpoint Regatta

    The first Warrenpoint Regatta was held, beginning an annual tradition that continues to this day.

  • 1914

    World War I

    Warrenpoint, like much of Ireland, is affected by World War I, with local men serving in various capacities.

  • 1921

    Partition of Ireland

    Partition of Ireland, leading to Warrenpoint becoming part of Northern Ireland under the new political structure.

  • 1927

    Electric Lighting Station

    Opening of the Warrenpoint Electric Lighting Station, modernising the town with electricity.

  • 1940

    World War II

    World War II impacts Warrenpoint, with its port used for military purposes and local defence measures implemented.

  • 1951

    Official Establishment

    Official establishment of Warrenpoint as a town by the government.

  • 1972

    Narrow Water Bombing

    The Warrenpoint ambush, a significant event during The Troubles, leading to the deaths of several British soldiers.

  • 1980

    Industrial Development

    Development of Warrenpoint Industrial Estate, providing a boost to the local economy through increased employment.

  • 1998

    Good Friday Agreement

    Signing of the Good Friday Agreement, leading to peace and stability in Northern Ireland, benefiting towns like Warrenpoint by encouraging tourism and investment.

  • 2000

    Warrenpoint Harbour Authority

    Warrenpoint Harbour Authority celebrates its 175th anniversary, highlighting a long history of maritime trade and its continued economic importance.