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DELI LITES Wins Big at National Sammies Awards

DELI LITES team celebrating their win at the Sammies awards, with two members holding their trophies

In a remarkable achievement, two New Product Development Technologists from Warrenpoint-based DELI LITES have been honoured at the prestigious Sammies – the UK’s leading sandwich and food-to-go awards. Kirsty Fitzpatrick and Kirsty Beck emerged victorious among the top sandwich creators in the UK, earning accolades for their innovative culinary creations.

Triumph at the Regional Heats

The journey to the national stage began with the UK regional heats of the Sandwich & Food to Go Designer 2024 awards held earlier this year in Darlington.

Kirsty Fitzpatrick and Kirsty Beck both competed in five categories, an unprecedented achievement that saw them winning in all five. Fitzpatrick’s entries, including ‘Second to Naan’, ‘Honey I’m Feeling Blue’, and ‘Banging Chicken’, won the Delightful Breaded Chicken, Gorgonzola Piccante, and Nut Free categories respectively. Meanwhile, Beck’s ‘Too Gouda to be True’ and ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ took top honours in the Gouda and Chutney & Curd categories.

National Recognition in London

Following their sweeping success at the regional heats, Fitzpatrick and Beck represented DELI LITES at the grand final in London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel. There, Kirsty Fitzpatrick was crowned the national winner in the Futura Foods’ Gorgonzola Piccante category with her ‘Honey I’m Feeling Blue’ creation.

“We were over the moon to win at the regional heats and to represent our company at the grand final in London was incredible,” said Fitzpatrick. Beck added, “It was an honour to compete against the very best sandwich and food-to-go creators in the UK and we’re both overjoyed that our creations were so well received by so many.”

A Proud Moment for DELI LITES

Brian Reid, DELI LITES co-founder and CEO, expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of Fitzpatrick and Beck. “The Sammies is the Oscars of our industry and everyone at DELI LITES is so proud of the achievements of our two Kirstys,” he said. “Getting to the national final in London confirmed what we already knew here at DELI LITES – that our super-talented innovation and new product development team are the best in the business.”

Gary McDowell, Head of Food Innovation and Development, echoed these sentiments. “We’re so pleased to have a national winner in our midst at DELI LITES. Our two Kirstys never fail to impress our team and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements. At DELI LITES, we’re passionate about empowering our young team to meet its full potential and events like the Sammies offer a platform to help us achieve that.”


Based in Warrenpoint, DELI LITES produces over 30 million food-to-go and artisanal bakery items annually, which are sold globally. In 2022, DELI LITES obtained BCorp certification, recognising its commitment to people, communities, and the environment. This accolade underscores the company’s dedication to transforming business into a force for good.

The recent successes of Kirsty Fitzpatrick and Kirsty Beck at the Sammies reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence that characterises DELI LITES. Their achievements not only bring pride to Warrenpoint but also highlight the exceptional talent and creativity within the local community.