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Cllr. Gibbons Urges Council to Take Action on Carlingford Bay Hotel

Councillor Mark Gibbons is requesting NMDDC to take immediate action regarding the unsafe condition of the derelict Carlingford Bay Hotel/Old Osbourne Hotel in Warrenpoint, with an enforcement notice being one of the potential possibilities. Very little of the original building still stands today with only the front structure in place and the adjoining building on each side holding it up.

In a statement, Councillor Gibbons said, “It is absolutely criminal that this once grand building has been left to rot for over two decades. It still stands today, although very precariously, on a hugely prominent and beautiful part of Warrenpoint, and that makes this case all the more depressing.

“The decaying front facade hides a tangled mess of collapsed floors and fractured walls, with rats and pigeons being the only guests availing of its sorrowful state.

The rear view of the former Carlingford Bay Hotel shows how dilapidated it has become during 25 years of vacancy.

“The resident of Warrenpoint have had to ensude this cruel form of detoriation for 25 years now, with nothing ever being done about it. I have worked within the building industry for just over 20 years and although, admittedly not at a high level, I know a structurally unsafe building when I see one. The large structural fractures at the rear of the building especially, indicate that it is only a matter of time before it completely collapses thus causing a major risk to public safety.

This building was once one of the many gems that Warrenpoint had to offer. Sadly, now after 25 years of sorry neglect, it has deteriorated, I believe, to the point of no return and preventive action needs to be taken immediately.”

Cllr. Gibbons actions will be welcome by many local residents who have been calling for action on the site for many years. The site’s prime location would make it an attractive proposition for a multitude of uses, however has been told that the current owner of the property has been approached on numerous occassions regarding the sale or development of the site but has shown no interest in either option.

If the Council decide to issue an Enforcement Notice, the building owner will be required to alter or remove works which contravene building regulations. If the owner does not comply with the Notice, the Council has the power to carry undertake the work itself and recover the costs from the owner.